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Creatine Gluconate - Making Creatine Even Better!

The world of performance enhancing bodybuilding supplements is ever changing, where great supplements become even better as scientists make breakthroughs all the time. Creatine has for sometime, been regarded as one of if not the best supplement to use when looking to make lean muscle gains, strength gains and improve your overall performance in the gym. However, today you can learn about a new form of Creatine which is now acknowledged as the best variety on the market yet.

Creatine Gluconate is the new best Creatine formula on the market and with very good reason. As you know Creatine is able to improve your strength and anaerobic endurance levels in the gym significantly. This is achieved by saturating the muscle cell with Creatine which in turn maximizes the production of ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate, which then leads to improved performance. To add to this, Creatine is excellent for bodybuilders once it gets into the muscle cell because it literally draws water in with it leading to a much fuller and thicker looking physique. As you will have noticed, these benefits of Creatine occur once it has reached the muscle cell which is absolutely key to note here because little do people know, but up to 80% of Creatine you supplement on doesn’t even make it past your stomach. Therefore you don’t get the benefit of saturated Creatine levels within the muscle cell.

This is where Creatine Gluconate comes into play, because this is precisely why it is so good, because it focuses on ensuring the Creatine gets to the muscle cell, the place where it absolutely needs to be in order to have any effect on you. The clue is in Gluconate because it is fast acting carbohydrates, such as glucose which ultimately lead to the transportation of Creatine into the muscle cell. Without this, there will only be very small amounts of Creatine reaching the muscle cell. Therefore by ensuring that the Creatine is accompanied with the necessary ingredients in the form of glucose, a super fast acting carbohydrate you will enjoy significantly better strength, endurance and size gains whilst using Creatine Gluconate.

The flip side to the Gluconate factor is that you will be susceptible to Insulin spikes which before training are undesired, because this can promote some fat storage. However, when looking to build mountains of muscle mass on to your frame and grow your strength this doesn’t matter, because it will be minimal and the size gains you make will make up for it.

There you have outlined for you the reasons as to why Creatine Gluconate is so much more effective. Up to 90% of the Creatine you take in will reach the muscle cell which is a massive difference to the 20% regular Creatine formulas will achieve for you.

The best value Creatine Gluconate supplement on the market today is Bodybuilding Warehouse Pure Creatine Gluconate. A 500g tub will last approximately 9 weeks using it as recommended, ensuring it's not just highly-effective at packing on muscle, but great value too!

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