Effective Supplements and Dosing for a Strongman

Effective Supplements and Dosing for a Strongman

This is so basic to muscle & joint health and function and has so many benefits. It is easier to look at what will happen should you be deficient, to be able to grasp the importance of magnesium supplementation. Inability to relax and contract a muscle at will, decreased bone density, decreased force production and cramping are all symptoms of a body lacking magnesium.

Effective dosing-1g-2g a day split throughout the day.

Beta Alanine
Research has shown in high intensity activity using beta alanine, you can maintain higher intensities for a longer duration. This could mean, in practice, getting a extra 3+ reps on a lift above your 12 rep max in certain full body movements such as the deadlift on concurrent weeks. There can be a short term side effect which is tingling similar to a niacin flush but over time this disappears.

Effective dosing: 4g daily taken in two doses of 2 g morning then again pre-workout.

found in almost every pre-workout product, research shows it boosts the production of natural stimulants like adrenalin & beta endorphin a natural painkiller, when lifting testing weights even 1rm’s we only tap into about 30% of our muscle tissue at most, increasing adrenaline ensures we max out muscle recruitment & increase the amount of force you can produce.

Effective dosing: Pre-Workout: High dose 4mg per kg bodyweight OR Moderate dose 2mg per kg bodyweight.

Creatine Gluconate
Creatine is found in animal meats but in such a low quantity to notice any real results. Supplementation of creatine alone has been proven in countless studies to decrease fatigue rate in repeated high intensity exertions and shown to be anabolic. A newer creatine bonded to glucose called “creatine gluconate” ensures a more efficient absorption & improves dissolvability in water, no need to mix glucose and creatine anymore!

Effective dosage: 5g doses either post workout or pre workout or first thing in the morning.

Bulbine natalensis
If pro-hormones aren’t for you, there are a new group of super potent test-boosters that don’t replace your own testosterone or suppress, but rather ramp up production to a noticeable amount. Bulbine natalensis is found in many new generation test boosters and for a good reason it works.

Effective dosage: 50mg per kg bodyweight.

Cissus quadrangularis
When all else fails for healing joints Cissus seems to be the last option which should not be the case as it works better than all other joint supplements! It strengthens muscle tissue and bone and it shows specifically much faster healing times of bones to a period of 30-50%. It also provides a better environment for muscles to recover & grow and has been shown to repartition the body reducing fat deposited on the waist and midsection when cortisol related.

Effective dosage: 3 caps a day of 50% active ingredient ketosterone 400mg per tab increase to 4-5 if you have serious bone damage.

By Joshua Ainsworth

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