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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs which there are common know as are fats that our body need to function properly. Having a poor intake of these EFAs have been linked to increasing the bodies chances of having heart attacks, cancer, accelerated aging, strokes and obesity just to name a few. We can obtain these EFAs through our diet be eating nuts and fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon. It can be very hard to eat these EFA rich foods all of the time that is why it is essential to add EFAs supplements in to your diet. The benefits of supplementing your diet with EFAs will improve your heart function; boost your immune system control blood pressure. Basically EFAs are extremely good for you so the benefits out way the negative. Take a look at our Body Building Warehouse Omega 3 fish oils. There a great value product and a great way to getting the EFAs in to your diet.

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Pure CLA Softgels

Does The Job

Lost 10kg from this stacked with green tea. highly recommended.

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Pure CLA Softgels

Great CLA's

Great product BBW. Slight after taste but nothing to worry about. Will purchase again.

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Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels

Best Value At This Dosage

More gels with a higher dosage for less cash than anywhere I've seen.

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Pure Ground Flaxseed

Good Price

Best price and quality I have found so far, can't say I have ever felt the effects of taking it but it must have a benefit in my body

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Pure CLA Softgels

Spot On

Good price and brilliant product, used everyday

Please note: Individual results will vary