Meal Replacement

Bodybuilding is 80% diet and 20% training. If you're not eating right, it's going to hold you back putting on muscle or losing fat. That being said, most of us lead busy lives - juggling home, work and the gym and often not having time to prepare healthy, protein rich meals multiple times each day.

What's the solution? A meal replacement supplement! Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs or meal replacement shakes) are high protein, moderate carb, and low fat meal replacements that can be used as a snack in-between meals. If you have trouble eating between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, and need a quick solution, a meal replacement may be for you!

For those looking to use their Meal Replacement Shake to help burn bodyfat through a calorie controlled diet, it would be well worth stacking your MRP with a good fat burner

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  1. Pure Vegan MRP
    Pure Vegan MRP
    As low as £14.99
  2. Pure Cream of Rice
    Pure Cream of Rice
    As low as £12.99
  3. TBPC Vegan Gainz - 4kg
    TBPC Vegan Gainz - 4kg
    As low as £29.99
  4. Premium Mass - 4kg
    Premium Mass - 4kg
    As low as £69.99
  5. Warrior Raw Flapjack - Rainbow Cupcake- 12 Bars
    Warrior RAW Protein Flapjack - 12 Bars
    As low as £11.99
  6. Performance Diet Whey V2
    Performance Diet Whey Protein
    As low as £17.99
  7. Applied Nutrition ISO-XP - 2kg
    Applied Nutrition ISO-XP - 2kg
    As low as £49.95
  8. Applied Nutrition - Beef-XP 1.8kg
    Applied Nutrition - Beef-XP 1.8kg
    As low as £41.95
  9. Warrior Diet Bars - 12 Bars
    Warrior Diet Bars - 12 Bars
    As low as £14.99
  10. Pure Vegan MCT Powder
    Pure Vegan MCT Powder
    As low as £4.99
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