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Muscletech bodybuilding supplements are some of the most highly researched in the industry. They create leading edge creatine supplements, popular fat burners, pre-workout nitric oxide supplements, protein powders, mass gainers and more! One of the most popular fat burners in the world is Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore - check out the brand new Hydroxycut Hardcore X here at Bodybuilding Warehouse! Hydroxycut is a thermogenic fat burner designed to increase your metabolic rate (increasing the amount of calories burnt) whilst also suppressing appetite and reducing cravings that could pull you off your diet.

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Muscletech Shatter SX-7 - 30 serving (174g)

Good, But Not Great

This is a decent pre-workout for someone that's not looking to go mad in the gym. The kick to it is nice and it certainly does wake you up a bit, the pumps are good but nothing amazing, there are definitely better products out there for pump. Flavour wise it's similar to other Muscletech products, reminded me of the Neurocore they released a few years ago. Overall this is a decent product, nothing special but at 17 pound for 30 servings it's pretty decent value.

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