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Premium LUX Protein Flapjacks 12 Bars

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Box of 12 of The ultimate protein flapjack bar - real chunks of white chocolate and toasted oats, with a huge 20 grams of delicious protein every bar.

Regular Price: £23.88

Special Price £14.95

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Premium LUX Protein Flapjack Bars are the UK's best protein bar - packed with chunks of real white chocolate, honey toasted oats, and wrapped around 20 grams of gloriously moreish ultra-premium quality protein, it's an unbeatable bar experience!

Key Facts:

  • Contains a huge 20 grams of high-quality protein per bar.
  • Real chunks of delicious White Chocolate.
  • Natural honey toasted oats.
  • Looks incredible – made simply, naturally and packed with wholesome goodness.
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.
  • Does not contain added palm oil, or hidden nasties.
  • Is made 100% in-house, in our own facility.
  • Tastes ridiculously amazing.

Premium LUX Protein Flapjacks are the UK's best healthy protein bars. They're an ideal snack between meals, post workout, or in the morning if you need a quick breakfast on the run. Being low in sugar and fat, they're also ideal for weight loss - or if you eat more of them.. the super-high protein content makes them fantastic for gaining hard, lean muscle mass!

The reviews have been incredible - Premium LUX Protein Flapjack bars were in development in house for over 12 months! We trialed and tested countless formulas, sent samples far and wide to customers, athletes and even members of our own family, all in the quest to find the perfect flavour. Rather than tell you how good we think they are, we'll let some of our athletes - here are their reviews:

Premium LUX Protein Flapjack Bar Reviews:

Premium LUX Protein Flapjack Bar Reviews

“How are you meant to stop after the first bite?!”
Regina Hunt, Competitive UKBFF Athlete & Physique Model

Protein Flapjacks Review

“It honestly was the most delicious protein flapjack Ive had putting this status has triggered a major craving... Can you hurry up @bbwarehouse ...I need to put in a bulk order”
Stephanie Dolan, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur & Bikini Athlete

High Protein Flapjack Reviews

“Had the pleasure of being one of the first to sample @bbwarehouse's new creation launching soon - the Premium LUX Protein flapjack bar! 20g protein and they taste nothing like other #proteinbars I've had - I felt like I was eating a normal chocolate bar! If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you. Genuinely impressed, good work @bbwarehouse;
Sophie Govzman, Dublin Nutritional Expert & Meal Plan Motivator

Protein Bar Reviews

"The Premium LUX Protein Flapjack! As you can see the macros are pretty good with a whole 20g of protein in a flapjack. Not only that but it tasted amazing. I'm a huge fan of flapjacks but it's hard to find ones that aren't full of sugars unless you make them at home. I can't wait until these are officially on sale, i will definitely be purchasing!”
Emma Power, Fitness Blogger

Protein Flapjack Bars Review on Site

“You Would Never Know That This Is Full If Protein Because It Tastes Just Like A Regular Chocolate Flapjack, If Not Better (and MORE Chocolatey with White Chocolate Chunks Throughout)”
Charlotte Pigott, Sponsored Athlete & Fitness Model

Protein Bar Review

“Get excited guys, the Premium LUX Protein Flapjack is on its way! And man if I could only show you how good it tastes! Just look at my face while I was eating it"
Matt Lucas, Natural Bodybuilder

High Protein Bar

“Guys this bar tastes delicious”
Samantha Dufton, Bikini Competitor

UK's Best Protein Bar Review

“It deffo gets the thumbs up from me!”
Aisling Gough, Bikini Competitor

Premium LUX Protein Flapjack Bars are the best protein bars on the market - try your first bar today and discover the highest quality, most delicious and most effective protein bar in the UK. It's been an epic 12 month journey for us, crafting and creating a bar we we felt led the market, tasted better than anything else out there and most importantly of all, gave our athletes the results they wanted! We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we've enjoyed launching they did!

Nutrition Info

Premium LUX Bar Supplement Facts:

  • Servings Size - 1 Protein Bar (75g)
  • Servings Per Container - 1 Bar / 12 Bars

Nutritional Information Per 75g Protein Bar:

  • Energy (kJ) - 1041
  • Energy (kcal) - 248
  • Protein (g) - 20g
  • Carbohydrates (g) - 33.5g
  • of which sugars - 3.4g
  • of which polyols - 13.8g
  • Fat - 4.2g
  • of which saturates - 1.4g
  • Dietary Fibre - 8.9g
  • Sodium - 0.13g

Nutritional Information Per 100g:

  • Energy (kJ) - 1388
  • Energy (kcal) - 331
  • Protein (g) - 26.7g
  • Carbohydrates (g) - 44.7g
  • of which sugars - 4.5g
  • of which polyols - 18.4g
  • Fat - 5.7g
  • of which saturdates - 1.8g
  • Dietary Fibre - 11.9g
  • Sodium - 0.17g

Ingredients Per Serving:

Rolled Oats, Toasted Oats (contains Honey, Malt Extract, Sugar, Vegetable Oil), Protein Blend (Milk Protein, Hydrolysed Gelatine), Glycerine, Fructo-Oligosaccharide, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifer: Soya Lecithin), Sweetener (Stevia), Flavouring.

For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain: Egg, Nuts, Peanuts.


Customer Reviews

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Tony T9R
The Best Protein Flapjacks That I Have Ever Tasted
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

Premium Lux Protein Flapjacks are the best tasting protein bars that i have ever tasted, i have gone through a couple of boxes of these now and find them awesome, they are not bitter / chalky or sickly like some other rivals bars out there that i have tried, i have gone through many, i used to use the CNP bars as well as the Reflex ones but these are superior i feel from a nutritional standpoint and due to their taste and texture allowing for them to be consumed on a daily basis as a great enjoyable treat almost cheat like food snack, they fit perfect into my macros regardless of if i am cutting or bulking which is another reason i like them so much, i recommend the chocolate chunk and mint chocolate, both are supreme and taste lovely and have a moreish texture to them. problem is it is easy to grab another one so a box doesn't always last that long if i am on a bulk and allowed the extra calories.

If this aided in your decision to try out these top notch superior tasting protein bars please use code: kayPM at checkout to get 10% off your order.


Please note: Individual results will vary

Awesome Tasting Protein Bars With A Great Texture
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I have tried these last year after not too long after they were released, this was when there was only chocolate chunk on offer, i have tried some of the best protein bars e.g. Supreme and ISS brands which are almost twice the price of these, these are on par if not better tasting than any versions i have tried from ISS including the Oh Yeah bars and the bars from Supreme.

The Chocolate Chunk provides an awesome taste and texture, these are not dry or too chewy like some of the CNP flapjacks i have tried and taste better than store bought bars e.g Mars & Snickers which are crammed full of junk sugar.

These are a clean protein flapjack well worth their value, they are filling but at the same time quite moreish, they are sweet but not in an artificial chemical way.

I have given this product a top 5* rating and feel they deserve more for the value which was great at £20 per box at under £15 these are the best value quality tasting protein bars out there i feel which is quite a bold statement.

New customers this is an awesome well value product that will aid your progress and provide essential protein, makes a nice addition or sub to a shake.

To get 5% OFF your order Use My Referral Code: 7456757


Please note: Individual results will vary

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

Wasn't expecting much if I'm honest but they are gorgeous tasting bars. Decent amount of protein,not too much sugar and not heavy in the slightest. Also a plus,they don't feel like they're going to pull your teeth out like a lot of them. I'll be back for more.


Please note: Individual results will vary

very impressed - 10/10 bbw!
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I was one of the lucky ones who got to test these bars before they were released and was very impressed.

Taste - rich, dark chocolate with white chocolate chunks in it. A very different flavour I've not had anywhere else. If I was to describe it, it'd be like coco pops with white chocolate pieces in. Sooooo much tastier than a quest bar and tastes much more natural too.
Quality - BBW products are always good. I'm a regular user of their Whey and Pancakes and this is no different. Top notch product and brilliant quality.
Value - As I mentioned above, I was one of the lucky ones who got a sample when they launched it but at £1.49 I think this is a steal. In holland and barrat and elsewhere you see bars all day for £3+ and this is on another level. It's easily the best protein bar I've tasted, and quality is far, far higher than USN, Grenade and the other bars that have cost me much, much more. I think they should bring out a bulk box which from what they say they are doing. That way you can buy more and save on them vs. the singles and when they do that I'll be an addict, however for now for a single to tag onto my order, I'm pretty happy. The bars are that good.

Well done BBW, 10/10.


Please note: Individual results will vary

very nice tasting protein flapjacks
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I have recently placed an order for a box of these Premium Lux Protein Flapjacks, i have previously tried the regular flapjacks and found them to be very nice and taste awesome in Honey Berry and Choc Macaroon as well as the Blueberry Version.

These Lux flapjacks are even better, i am used to range of high quality protein bars e.g. Quest Bars and Lenny & Larrys Protein Brownies but these are on par if not better.

They have a great sweet and clean choc taste to them and work well to kill of any cravings for sweet junk based foods.

10/10 Overall these are awesome quality premium protein bars with an awesome taste, i would recommend to anyone looking for the best quality bars for the price, one improvement could be to make a 24 bar box due to how moreish and easy it is to go through 2 or more in a day.

White Choc or Vanilla Toffee Fudge would be 2 great new flavours which could be added to the range of Lux Protein Flapjacks.

Keep up awesome work on these great tasting protein products.


Please note: Individual results will vary

Spot On
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I've had a few protein bars, and these are by far the best, really tasty, proper chocolate chunks and a good chocolate flavour


Please note: Individual results will vary

Best around
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

Cant fault these for value, great tasting and not a chore to eat like many others.


Please note: Individual results will vary

Get 'em while they're cheap!
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I can't fault these for flavour of content, they're delicious, a real pleasure to eat. I went through my first box way too quickly and wish I could stick to these versus the cheaper variety - alas, I am a bit too poor! If I could, I would, though, and at the current sale price of £15 they're a steal. Worth spending bonus points on too, though, and the regular price isn't exactly bad - it's just not AS good as the regular 'jacks.

Seriously, if you struggle with any other brand of protein bars/powders due to the gritty taste, these get around that and then some. I would eat them for pleasure even without the huge dose of protein that goes along with, and they're still comparable in cost to even a lot of shakes - plus way more portable!


Please note: Individual results will vary

Great product
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

These are a better quality than the premium protein Flapjack's but I do feel the premium protein flapjacks are better value for money


Please note: Individual results will vary

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