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Sexual Health Supplements

Sexual health supplements are designed to increase libido, improve sex drive, virility and / or sexual enjoyment. Some are designed purely for men, some for women, and some can be taken by both. Virility can be defined as sexual energy, strength, vigour and power - it is a highly desirable quality in the bedroom as much as the gym, and sexual performance enhancers like those below can help you truly inspire and impress in the bedroom! Bring out your inner tiger with sex supplements like those below!

Sex supplements can often be stacked with Nitric Oxide supplements to good effect - positive nitric oxide supplement can enhance erectile function in men. Check out our nitric oxide section as well if this is something that sounds appealing. 

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Pure Maca Tablets

100% Recommend

For the price in equation to the amount of pills you are recommended to take its amazing value. And you can take extra when "physical activity" is planned. Took about 4 days to start showing effects. I am still tired but not useless which is an improvement for me. Didn't realise until I read the information section again but the part to do with volume of a certain something has increased too

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Maca Tablets

Saved My Sanity

I started using this after reading an independent review on Maca claiming to be an effective libido enhancer but not effective as a test booster. And for me it worked, placebo effect or not, it worked! From being on a low calorie diet my libido suffered massively. So for it to come back after taking these has saved my sanity and my relationship.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Maca Tablets

Very Cheap, Good Value But Not Effective At All.

I took this alongside DAA and I got to say I did not notice any change, improvement or extra libido. Very cheap, good value but not effective at all.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Maca Tablets


Bought this for libido increase. Read some reviews that it works, let see. Great price by the way. Thank you

Please note: Individual results will vary

Warrior Bulbine - 120 Tabs

They Work!

Good testosterone booster. Does exactly what it says but the pills are too big to swallow. I never had issues with that, but these are even biggen than bsn nitrix.Also the fact that they have no coating makes it even harder to go down. Other than that they're fine!

Please note: Individual results will vary