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Sports Fuel

We at Sports Fuel believe in you. We believe in you at your best. You when the going gets tough. You when every thing is on the line and you need to push hard to the end. We believe in winning! We have engineered a unique range of high performance, research driven nutritional products designed to help you win, and overcome all those limitations the rest of the world try to put in your way. We know you're a champion, and you expect nothing but the best! Sports Fuel is about the Champions of today, and the Legends of tomorrow!

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Sports Fuel Premium Protein

Great Value . Supplements

The power mixes fine with water but must be added into the water slowly to avoid lumps as any powder. Mixes well with milk or almond milk for better taste. Lower sugar and fat but same g s of protein as many 50 per cent dearer. Not meant to be a tasty treat but a great source of easy use amino's Will buy again and again.

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Sports Fuel Multi-Vitamin Tablets

Good Price And Comprehensive In Coverage

I guess the real benefits of these won't be noticeable for several weeks but all the initial signs are good and they are definitely good value when bought on a money off offer. Will keep going with these as part of my routine.

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Sports Fuel Premium Protein

Excellent Budget Protein Powder

Been using this product for several months whilst cutting and shall continue using it for both cutting and bulking. Taste is 'ok', value for money & speed of delivery excellent! Thumbs up all round.

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Sports Fuel Premium Protein

You Get What You Pay For

I purchased 5kg of this bargain protein powder with suspicion it cannot be great for price of GBP 30. Thus, I was neither happy nor disappointed. If you are watching your spending on sport supplement, I would say "go for it". I personally would check out other products because I did not particularly like it. It mixes very badly with water in a regular shaker. You would need a blender to get it mixed well. I had cookies & cream flavor that was more vanilla-like with a tiny difference. It mixes and tastes better with milk or mixed with fruit.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Sports Fuel Premium Protein

Great Value, Poor Taste

2kg milk chocolate flavour: Fantastic if you're on a budget. Mixes well (a little powdery) better with milk in my opinion smells great but the taste is lacking. I normally add a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder to give it a kick. Tastes ok on it's own i suppose, i just really love chocolate.

Please note: Individual results will vary