The Summer Shred was an intense 8 weeks of hard core training and clean eating!    

Shredders competed for a years supply of protein and pre workouts and the winners were chosen by our social community.  

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The 2015 #SummerShred finalists

Summer Shred Male Finalists

Summer Shred female Finalists


The Rules

We will be fraud checking all images, so if you are considering cheating, why not invest all that ingenuity into crafting a training plan and diet that works for you. We have a panel of judges who will determine 5 Shredded finalists and then both a male and female winner will be chosen!  The competition officially ends on 8th June 2015 and it is important that you send your “after” pictures by 12pm on 8th June 2015. * Prize equates to 12kg of Protein and 12 tubs of pre-workout

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