Survival Kit

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The essential supplement pack for those hitting Freshers Week with a bang, who want to keep hold of their abs!
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What's included?

You get everything you got in the Freshers Week Starter Pack (see below):

  • Pure Whey 80 - Choose from 22 flavours and keep your body fueled no matter when you get back in!
  • Performance Multi-Vitamin - Over 30 ingredients designed to supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Your body takes a hammering during Freshers Week, support it!
  • Pure Vitamin C - Alcohol depletes your body of vitamins. By supplementing with one of the most important ones for immunity, you're putting them back in. Don't get ill during freshers, get awesome!
  • Pure Maca - Meeting new people is great, and when you connect, you want to make the best first impression. MACA is a legendary natural libido enhancers that can support natural testosterone and drive.
  • BBW Shaker & Pill Organiser - We've thrown these in free, so you have the perfect shaker to start term with, and a neat orange pill organiser to organise your gains. Enjoy both, as a term time starting gift from us!
Plus these stone-cold awesome extras:
  • Premium Protein Cookies - Each ridiculously delicious cookie has 37.5 grams of high quality protein in it. That's right, over 37 grams! This means that even if you wake up late and have to rush to class, you can still grab a quality meal on the way and never miss breakfast!
  • Pure Vitamin D - Vitamin D is known as the "sunlight" vitamin. It's essential for health, wellness and you being a badass, however, because you're in Freshers Week, waking up early enough to see sunlight is not guaranteed. Make up for it with your tub of Pure Vitamin D, with each tab packed with a massive 5000iu (that's a lot)!
  • Pure Ginkgo - Ginkgo Biloba has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It's taken by people because they feel it helps aid memory and sharpens the mind. You're just starting Uni, so a sharp mind comes in useful and from our personal experience, Ginkgo has become a staple of our diet.
  • Pure Creatine Monohydrate - Our creatine monohydrate is the highest quality in the World. We only buy from the World's leading suppliers, and put them all through our stringest audit and approval process. Once approved we package and / or blend everything in house, in our state of the art factory here in Manchester. Why Creatine? Because it'll help you keep hold of your gains, and it's been shown to help improve mental performance in recent studies (see "Oral creatine monohydrate supplementation improves brain performance: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial.", by Caroline Rae, Alison L Digney, Sally R McEwan, and Timothy C Bates).
  • Pure Glutamine - Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. Your body can normally create enough of it through internal processes, unless your body is under unusual stress and then it needs to source glutamine from your diet, or supplementation. Will Freshers Week put your body under unusual, additional stress? Only you know the answer to this, but we think Glutamine will come in useful to help you feel your best all week!

Why no stimulants?

We considered adding a pre-workout in here, and if you want to add one yourself feel free to have a look on site and find your favourite. However, from our own experience doing "VodBull" nights throughout our own Freshers Week we thought we'd leave it off. You don't want to over-do it, and leave yourself feeling sick because you accidentally ingested 1000mg of caffeine one day. Say you hit the gym in the morning, took a pre-workout with 250mg of caffeine in it, then your friends take you out at night and you have several mixers.... can you see where this is going? So for this reason, we left a pre-workout OUT, however if you do want to add one, take a look on site especially at Performance Prime Caffeine Free, or CHARGE, or Warrior Rage as our personal recommendations and pick one you like. Just be careful about having caffiene from any other sources.
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