Vegan Protein - 4kg - Banana

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Vegan Protein is a great value protein blend that combines multiple sources of high quality vegan protein with low carbs, low fat and great pricing.

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Here at The Bulk Protein Company™ we're serious about value. We're also serious about the quality of our Vegan friendly proteins, and have created the UK's best value and best tasting Vegan protein! Vegan Protein™ is here! Vegan Protein™ - The Facts: 21g Of High Quality Protein In Every Scoop! A Huge 133 Servings Per 4kg Tub! A Premium Blend of Hemp Protein, Pea Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate! An Incredible 72% Protein, With Ultra-low Carbs, Sugars and Fats! Added Prebiotic Fibre to aid digestion Vegan Protein™ is the perfect protein powder for those looking to support muscle gains, whilst avoiding dairy proteins or meat, or if you're on a calorie controlled diet and trying to lean out. It's designed to fit into every serious athlete's lifestyle by combining fast, slow, and medium speed digestion proteins into the same formula resulting in exceptional nutrient delivery and incredible results. Suitable for all, and doesn't compromise on taste for a vegan protein! Vegan Protein™ is not about fancy packaging, high-carb flavours or the rip-off pricing... it's about amazing value, huge protein levels, and incredible results in your training and diet all the while being Vegan Friendly. If you're serious about training Vegan or not, Vegan Protein™ is for you.
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Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 30g
Servings per Container: 133

Nutritional Information 100g Per / 30g serving

Kcal 336.86 / 101.06
KJ 1409.42 / 422.83
Protein dry basis (g) 72.01 / 21.60
Protein as-is (g) 71.31 / 21.39
Carbohydrates (g) 6.48 / 1.94
of which Sugars (g) 5.28 / 1.58
Fibre (g)  13.67 / 4.10
Fats (g) 2.55 / 0.76
of which saturates (g) 0.60 / 0.18
Salt (g) 0.06 / 0.02

For best results consume 1 serving (30g) one to three times per day. Simply add 1 rounded scoop (30g) to 250ml of cold water or preferred liquid, shake well and enjoy.

Flavour Banana
Size 4 kg
BRAND The Bulk Protein Company
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