Protein Supplements

What is Protein and why do I need it!

Protein is the building blocks of the muscles in your body, when you exercise you cause micro tears in your Myofibrils (these are the small proteins which make up your muscle tissue). Your body’s reaction to this is to release nutrients including protein and other growth hormones into the muscle to help it repair and grow.

Benefits of using a protein supplement

There are many benefits of using a protein supplement if you are serious about your training. In order for your body to repair the broken down muscle fibres as well as build new lean muscle tissue it needs a steady supply of quality protein which is rich in amino acids. Using a protein supplement not only provides this but also helps control levels of insulin in your blood. For more information on insulin and how it affects your body’s fat stores see, The Basics of Body Fat Loss.

Another key benefit of a protein supplement in your diets is it helps you feel fuller for longer which anyone who has ever tried dieting will know is key to weight loss. When you feel full you avoid snacking and intake of unnecessary calories which means it is much easier to create a calorie deficit and lose weight.

Key ingredients in a protein powder supplement

There are both fast and slow absorbing proteins and it is vital that you understand the differences and when the best time to use them is. The premium fast absorbing protein sources include micro filtered whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and even egg albumin. These proteins score very highly indeed on the bioavailability scoreboard. This means that your body is easily able to assimilate these proteins fast making them superior choices for in the morning, throughout the day and right after training. On the flip side, proteins such as casein and milk protein isolate are very slow releasing proteins. These are absolutely ideal for before bedtime as well as during the day because you can be sure your muscles constantly have available vital muscle building nutrients.


There are different types of protein supplements available to you which all offer different benefits to the user.  To get protein in your system quickly for example first thing in the morning and straight after exercise then fast release proteins are essential. On the other hand it would also be valuable to use a protein supplement with the fast acting proteins as well as slow release casein or milk protein isolate in order to get the best of both worlds. Whatever you choose, be sure to use a protein supplement with these key ingredients which have been outlined to you!

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By Kieran Fisher

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