Toffee Cake with Choc-Orange Frosting

By Anna from Protein Pow(d)er

130g of canned pumpkin puree

160g of egg whites
80g of Greek Total 0% Yogurt
40g of BBW Premium Whey - Toffee
30 grams of quinoa flakes (or rolled oats but the quinoa make it lighter)
2 medjool dates
1teaspoon of baking powder

25g BBW Premium Casein - Chocolate Orange

Water (or milk)


Blend all the ingredients together for a couple of minutes. Bake for 25 to 35 minutes at 150 celicius (until a knife comes out clean). Then, make your frosting by mixing 25g of chocolate orange casein with water (or milk) until a creamy frosting-like consistency is reached (add one tablespoon of liquid at a time). ENJOY!!! It's so soft, tasty, so easy and it takes no time to make! You can definitely use vanilla casein for the frosting too if you'd prefer to keep a toffee vanilla flavor going throughout. This is a definite must try! 

MACROS per 1 slice (if you slice the cake into 4) =  171kcals, 20.5g protein, 19g carbs (10.7g sugars), 2.2g fat (0.6g sat), and 3.4g fiber!

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