Toffee French Toast

By Anna from Protein Pow(d)er

2 eggs
32g of BBW Premium Whey Protein - Toffee
50ml of milk (I used whole milk but any will do)
6 slices of bread (I used Genius-brand gluten free 'fruit loaf' bread but, again, use your favorite)

you can use just 4 slices instead of 6 if you want to bring down the carb count (you can also use a lower carb bread). Just let the bread soak in the mixture for a bit longer if you're using 4 slices until they absorb all ingredients. 

DIRECTIONS: Mix eggs + whey + milk until all lumps are gone. Soak the bread in there, one slice at a time, until it absorbs liquid (turn it in the mix so both sides get their share). Fry the bread on a hot nonstick pan or a pan nonsticked with butter or coconut oil. While one slice cooks, soak the next one, etc. until all slices are cooked. Top with whatever you like. I used maple syrup + cinnamon but, like with all french toast, you can top with anything (nut butter, fruit, or, if you'd like to further up the protein, you could always add some protein fluff on top!)

MACROS per one, if you make 6 french toast slices: 136kcals, 6.8g protein, 16g carbos, 4.3g fat, 2.6g fiber.

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