Whey Taster Stack (5 x 500g)

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Whey Protein Taster Stack
Whey Taster Stack (5 x 500g)

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    The Whey Taster Stack!

    This stack includes:

    Tempted to try our amazingly high value Pure Whey 80, but not sure which flavour to try first? This is our Whey Taster Stack! Pick 5 great flavours of our popular Pure Whey 80 protein powder and we'll throw in a FREE Shaker!

    Why choose Pure Whey 80 from Bodybuilding Warehouse?

    • The UK's highest quality 100% pure whey protein powder - Pure Whey 80 contains only 100% pure whey protein concentrate, with a little flavouring and sweetener.
    • Amazing number of flavous - you'll never get bored of Pure Whey! We manufacture everything in house, in our own state of the art facility so have the ability to make lots of brand new, amazing flavours quickly. Enjoy at present a huge 20 flavours in Pure Whey 80!
    • Very low carbs and almost no fat - Pure Whey 80 contains a huge 20g of quality protein per 25g scoop, with just 1.17g carbs, and 1.43g fat. This makes it one of the leanest proteins in the World.
    • Incredible quality - we at Bodybuilding Warehoue make our whole range in house, in our own bespoke factory. This give us control over every aspect of the production process from ingredient selection, to blending, packing and finally shipping out to you, the customer! This ensures incredible quality on every batch!

    Tempted to try our Pure Whey 80 and see what you're missing? Or are you already a customer and simply fancy giving a few new flavours a try? Pick the Whey Taster Stack and enjoy the UK's highest quality whey, today!

    More Information
    Nutritional Facts

    Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: 25g
    Servings Per Container: 20 (500g)

    Nutritional Information Per 25g Serving:
    Kcal 94
    KJ 396
    Protein (Dry Basis) 20.03g
    Protein (As Is) 19.02g
    Carbohydrates 1.17g
    Sugars 1.17g
    Fibre 0.00g
    Fats 1.43g
    of which Saturates 0.21g
    Salt 0.00g

    Nutritional Information Per 100g:
    Kcal 375
    KJ 1585
    Protein (Dry basis) 80.10
    Protein (As is) 76.09
    Carbohydrates 4.66
    Sugars 4.66
    Fibre 0.00
    Fats 5.73
    of which Saturates 0.82
    Salt 0.00
    Nutritional values are based on unflavoured version. Chocolate versions will be 6% less protein and other flavours around 3% less protein.

    Suggested Use :
    Take 1-2 servings of Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 first thing in the morning with breakfast, then again immediately following your workout. You can have Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 at any point in the day when a high protein meal or snack is required, or simply because you enjoy the taste. Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 can be mixed with milk or water and due to being instantised mixes easily. Simply add 1 scoop of Pure Whey Protein to 150ml of water or milk in your Bodybuilding Warehouse shaker, shake, and drink. Add more water for a less intense flavour, and less for a more intense flavour.

    Flavoured Version: Whey Protein Concentrate, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate flavours only), Flavours, Beetroot Red (Strawberry Flavour only), Caramel Colour (Banana Peanut Butter flavour only), Xanthan Gum, Instantising Agent (Sunflower Lethecin), Sucralose, Stevia. Due to whey being a natural product, flavour taste can vary between batches.

    Unflavoured: Whey Protein Concentrate, Instantised Agent (Sunflower Lecithin).

    Allergen Information:

    Whey protein is derived from Milk, and unsuitable for those with Milk Allergies.

    Form Powder
    BRAND Bodybuilding Warehouse
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