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Fat Burners

Fat loss is one of the hardest goals in bodybuilding - but there's a huge range of bodybuilding supplements to help you get there! Fat burners supplements can be split into several main categories:

  • Thermogenic Fat Burners (often appetite suppressing)
  • Stimulant Free Fat Burners (or "stim-free fat burners")
  • Fat blockers
  • Thyroid Based Fat Burners

Most fat burners are "thermogenic" and aim to increase your base metabolic rate by a few percentage points so your body burns more calories than it would do otherwise. An advantage of thermogenic bodybuilding fat burners is that they will often decrease appetite (and reduce cravings), whilst also improving energy levels.

Stimulant free fat burners, fat blockers and thyroid based fat burners can be stacked with thermogenic fat burners to increase their impact and the success of the supplement stack. Stim-free fat burners will improve the rate at which your body burns fat, without antagonising your beta receptors, and are useful for those creating a fat-loss stack or who have pre-existing hypertension and don't wish to chance elevating it. Fat blockers reduce the amount of fat (or in some case carbs) absorbed at each meal. Thyroid based fat burners up-regulate and optimise the activity of your thyroid to improve loss of stubborn fat - they're great for the last few weeks of a diet, but you should ensure you take long breaks between "cycles" since they're also quite powerful.

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Latest reviews for Fat Burners


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Total Reviews:5

Pure Raspberry Ketones Powder

Definitely Noticed A Difference

Bought for a try, definitely notice the difference.

AD Shredabull - 90 Caps

It Does Help

Lost about 7 pound over three weeks by taking AD Shredabull which has helped me reduce portion size without feeling hungry. Careful when you take it as it does keep you awake at night if taken too late in the afternoon.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Fat Burners - 90 Caps


Simple! Results, results, results.

Grenade Thermo Detonator - 100 Caps

Good Product

Worked well for me.gave me the buzz and energy i needed to smash my gym sessions each day

Warrior Blaze Reborn Fat Burners - 90 Caps

Excellent Fat Burner

Blaze is a superior fat burning product which I have used in the past to cut to below 8% body-fat, they really raise your core body temperature and make you sweat plus provide you with great long lasting energy, I also found these improved my mood when on a harsh calorie deficit making dieting slightly easier. These fat burning pills actually work unlike some other advertised product which are nothing more than glorified caffeine pills. 5/5 an awesome fat burner that i would recommend to anyone looking to lose more body-fat, they are also great if you have hit a sticking point with weight loss and need an extra boost. There are no magic pills, as long as you put the work in on the dieting side and training these will provide you with the desired results.