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Fat Burners

Fat burners / fat strippers are used to help people achieve their fat loss or weight loss goals. Fat burning is difficult. It can take several months to achieve your goals and that takes consistency and patience. The real question is, do fat burners work? Weight loss can happen over night, it could be water weight and loss of glycogen. True fat loss can be accelerated by using fat burning ingredients that work. We go the extra mile here at bodybuilding warehouse to ensure all ingredients in our own products are backed by science. You can also add fat burning foods to your diet. There are no special foods but ensuring your having healthy fats can help aid fat loss. We have a huge range of fat burners here which include natural fat burners. Check out the reviews below on our products.

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Latest reviews for Fat Burners


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Warrior Blaze Reborn - 90 Caps

Got Headaches

Tried these on the recommendation of a friend who swears by them. Took them as instructed but gave me major headaches throughout the day, no matter ow much water i drank. They clearly work for many as you can see from the reviews, just not for me.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Green Tea Tablets - 120 Tabs


Great product, I always forget to drink Green Tea and can't stand it on an empty stomach. I take these at the same time as Warrior Blaze and they have helped me lose a stone and a half so far! Will be buying again

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pharma Freak Ripped Freak - Trial 2 Caps

Great Value For Money

Not been on this long enough to measure weight loss but wanted to say it gives a great energy boost without the jitters or crash afterwards

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Green Tea Tablets - 120 Tabs

Great Product

Great product

Please note: Individual results will vary

Warrior Blaze Reborn - 90 Caps

The Best

These bad boys are the best! I have used a variety of other similar products in the past. My gym sessions seem more intense combined with a pre work drink I feel like an energiser bunny. Great product!

Please note: Individual results will vary