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Aesthetics and the Loss of Compound Lifts

Posted on October 11, 2013 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Aesthetics, Night Clubs and the Loss of Compound Lifts


Ok let me set the scene, this is aimed more at the male population and only a percentage of them before we get endless comments on this article.

Ok you’re in a night club, you’ve got your best pants on, a nice bit of splash, nice fitted/ tight shirt maybe even your hair done real nice. You think… I look the part, the shirt is showing your physique off well. You’re thinking I’m in great shape!! My upper body is excellent, my chest is swole, my abs are ripped and my arms are bulging.

Right, the scene is set!  I see this all time… These guys dressing in a way which shows off their upper body perfectly and acting in a way that will attract girls....I think it’s called peacocking… not sure never done it before.

Anyway the scene is set. We can now establish these guys go to the gym only to work on “Aesthetics”.  This type of training is becoming ever so popular and I see many guys in the gym training just to look good in clothes on a night out. It’s great if you’re training to improve your physique and more importantly to boost your self-esteem, which is essential in a fickle world where it is fashionable to look a certain way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this article to poke fun at these gentlemen.  I am merely highlighting the fact that training, in particular compound lifts, are somewhat getting lost.  Not many people are concerned about lifting big weights and getting stronger ( I am fully aware that people still do train like this just before anyone says anything)  they seem to be more bothered about the visibility of their abdominals and the line running between there pectorals. That is fine, but I do think that big compound lifts aren’t being utilised as much as they should be. Compound lifts ( i.e bench, squats, deadlift lifts that involve a wide range of muscle groups) should be the mandatory to the majority of workouts. Of course people will be reading this now and have probably said “I do bench” or “I do all those compound lifts”. If you do, that’s good keep up the hard work but the people I’m talking about are the guys in the gym who wear.........................stringed vests, knee length shorts or joggers (hiding there legs????) and usually some form of hi tops. These are the gents I’m talking about who curl in the squat rack!!!!!!

compound lifts

These are the guys that I see day in day out! Yeah they are in good condition but I don’t reckon they could even squat or deadlift 1 ½ times their own body weight. Again apologies if you think I’m picking on you and you do squat and deadlift and you wear the above clothing, but I see these guys in the gym all the time. I don’t even think it’s their fault… It is just the fashion of the time (should we blame Geordie shore and one direction then) and that they are keeping on trend rather than knowing the full benefits of training and what other benefits you can get from compound lifts.

It’s all about education; if I walked up to these guys and said compound lifts increase your testosterone production which will make you bigger and stronger, which will mean better and bigger gains. I think I will get the response of “yeah but you can’t see your quads in the club or under my shorts, but you can see my abs and the line of my chest in my ultra low scoop neck t-shirt”

In my opinion I feel certain exercises seem to be getting avoided in the gym and whether or not it’s fashionable they should be included, no matter what your goal is within the gym.

To sum it up guys keep training hard but don’t neglect compound lifts! There are so many benefits to these lifts in and out of the gym. Build your programme around them. Whatever you do don’t neglect them! It would be a sacrilege!!!!!!!!!!!

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