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Arnold Series: Schwarzenegger signs with MusclePharm

Posted on July 30, 2013 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

So MusclePharm have announced something HUGE...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs With MusclePharm to create the Arnold Series


In a shocking turn of events, MusclePharm have announced a new partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Mr. Olympia, A-List Hollywood star, Governor of California and current Executive Editor at Muscle & Fitness magazine. Under this historic partnership, MusclePharm says that their world famous scientific research team will work with Arnold to bring about an exclusive range, that will consist of 8 different supplements. The range will be called the Arnold Series.


Each of these Arnold Series supplements will support one of four different 'fitness pillars.' These pillars are named 'performance, recovery, nutrient support and finally, power & strength.' Media commentators believe this may turn out to be a wise decision by Schwarzenegger as his Arnold Series line will benefit during development from the scrutiny of MusclePharm's 6 stage research system, controlled by their health and nutrition scientists at their labs in Denver, Colorado.


The Arnold Series will apparently make its' debut worldwide in September of 2013. For MusclePharm this signing is huge, Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the most famous bodybuilder of all time and has been the victor of more bodybuilding competitions than anyone else in history. Despite Arnold's multiple career paths in his life, he has still managed to find time for bodybuilding, a sport that gave him his work ethic and the body that made him famous in competitions and then in movies.

arnold series

Schwarzenegger's Arnold Classic takes place in Columbus, Ohio and has been hosted by Arnold for 25 years now, showing his commitment to the sport has remained long after his competition days. In 2012, MusclePharm was called 'Brand of the Year' by Bodybuilding.com, only four years after being founded by ex-NFL player Brad Pyatt and Co-Founder Cory Gregory. MusclePharm has many extremely effective supplements in their current ranges, the most popular ones include MusclePharm Assault, MusclePharm Combat Powder and their own custom 5 type creatine blend.


arnold series

What do you think this means for MusclePharm? Traditionally the brand have been seen to produce sports supplements rather than going down the bodybuilding route. Is this the start of a new direction for them? Is this the start of supplements becoming more mainstream with the support of actors and politicians? How deeply do you think Arnold will  actually be involved? Is this the start of a new staple brand or merely a quick earner for Mr. Schwarzenegger? Tell us what you think at our facebook page.

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By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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