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Body Transformation Challenge - The End!!

Posted on February 28, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The final is almost here but who will win £300 worth of supplements?

The Important Bit

Monday, marks the end of the 2014 8 week Body Transformation Challenge!  All final entry pictures need to be in by midnight on Monday 3rd March 2014. Please send your final images to transform@bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk You must include a newspaper from 3rd March 2014 and your pictures should include a front, side and back view. Ideally you need to show as much skin as possible so shorts for men and shorts and a crop top for women. Please also include your Name, Email Address, Age, Weight and Height.

If you would like some tips on getting the best out of your final pictures, there is a great article on the blog. Just click here.

Kim and Steve Reach The End

8 Weeks ago, we was recovering from the over indulgence of the festive period and we set you a challenge to transform yourself into a fitter, stronger and healthier you.  We had an overwhelming response and even managed to rope in our Marketing Manager, Kim and Warehouse Manager, Steve!  Kim and Steve have shared their transformation experiences with you and we are sure that you identified with some of the issues that they faced.  To give you one last push ahead of your final image body transformationsubmissions, we caught up with both Kim and Steve and took their final pictures.  You can see the progress that they have both made and we have also listed their measurements to give you a clear idea of the changes that they have achieved. It is worth while taking your own measurements and comparing these to your starting ones. You may well surprise yourself :)

Lets hear from Kim: WAHEY! The end goal has arrived and what a fantastic 8 weeks! There's still a way for me to go and I have 4 weeks til the big 30 and will be pushing myself further to see what I can achieve. It's been fantastic having this motivation to get back in shape and shows how quickly you can turn your shape and fitness around with a good clean diet (most of the time), exercise routine and supplements to help along the way. Been hugely
inspired and spurred on by some of you guys that have taken part in the challenge so a massive thank you to you all. Today i've celebrated with a Freddo and will be out over indulging this evening... but straight back on it tomorrow! New lifestyle, feeling so much
fitter in my health and feel so much better in my clothes!  kim and steve measurements

Lets hear from Steve: OK so it is finally over we have reached the end and now it is time to look back on what we achieved and what we got out of the whole experience. Firstly i would like to thank Kim and Jayel for giving me this opportunity, it has really given me a kick start to 2014 and a healthier me. I am very happy with my results but they do not stop there and i am determined to keep at at and achieve even better results. I would also like to thank everyone who has tweeted or sent a Facebook message or contacted us in anyway it has been really good to see how everyone has done and it has a different points spurred me on more as people are doing better than me but also helped when others have been struggling in similar ways to me. i am definitely going to keep training and try and eat as healthy as i can but i will take it a bit easier and treat myself every now and then. I am most pleased with the difference in measurement my photos are OK but i wish they were better. My main goals where to get fitter and i have definitely done that i am back playing football full time and my ankle is much better, a lot has been achieved over these 8 weeks by everyone so well done to you all i hope you all have learnt something over these 8 weeks and carry on living healthy happy lives.

Hopefully, you found the updates from Kim and Steve updates useful and we would like to say a massive WELL DONE to them both!!

A Look To The Future

We created the transformation stack  to give you natural fat burning power and all the
body transformation stackingredients you need to pack on muscle.  The transformation stack will still be available on site and you should continue to use it to maximise your physique once the challenge is over.  If you would like to take your training to the next level and see even greater gains, you could add Performance Prime to your pre workout routine and also Pure Creatine  to boost muscle repair and growth.


Good Luck and we look forward to seeing the progress you have all made!!


 By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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