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#SummerShred Female Transformation

Posted on June 24, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Your Female Transformation winners story is here! Take a look at what it takes to get shredded for summer...

When I first heard about #SummerShred I was so excited to enter as I had spent the first part of 2015 loosing excess weight that I'd gained over Christmas.  I'd not focused on charging my workout plans at all,  I'd just focused on loosing weight - which was a bit of a rooky error as although I'd lost lb's I hadn't gained any definition or muscle.

#SummerShred Female Transformation Winners Story

As soon as the entries opened I bought myself a newspaper, chucked on a bikini and thought... Right lets do this!

What training did i use to get shredded?

I started off by choosing an 8 week training program that I'd found online. This was a 6 day per week program and required training am and pm, 3 days a week.

Monday consisted of legs and glutes training

Tuesday was cardio in the am and back and arms weight training in the pm

Wednesday i hit Chest and shoulders

Thursday was cardio in the am and legs and glutes training in the pm

Friday - Upper body training

Saturday - Abs and metrobolic training

This was a huge shock to my system as I'd never trained in such a way, I always did a bit of everything and trained the same parts of my body in the same way daily. Focusing on alternate parts of the body on certain days was hard at first but I could see the benefits within weeks.

I also implemented fasted cardio 5 days per week, which I feel really helped me shift belly fat - I now have the start of a 6 pack which is something I never thought would happen.

My Shred Supplements #SummerShred Female Transformation Winner

Supplements really helped me during the shred and on a daily basis, i would have; BCCA powder whilst training, CLA soft gels, Creatine capsules, plus a Multi Vitamin and Warrior Princess Blaze. I also had three protein shakes a day, two Pure Whey Protein 80 in banana flavour and one chocolate flavour Performance Diet Whey protein shake.

I also started Carb cycling having 4 low carb days, 2 no carb days and 1 high carb re feed day on a Sunday which was my rest day.

No carb days where ok up until 5pm and then after that I felt drained and stuggled to train. I bought some CHARGE PRE WORK OUT and this really helped me on those no carb days! 

After my 7th week,  despite only loosing 2lb's I had lost 5% body fat. This took me from 16% body fat to 11% and I had gained a considerable amount of muscle, plus my legs and bottom had lost inches and cellulite.

I would like to thank Bodybuilding Warehouse for their constant support and fantastic supplements, also for running these transformation challenges. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for my transformation win!

Dream Big & Aim High

Emma Hoe
2015 #SummerShred Female Winner

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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