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#SummerShred | Week 6

Posted on May 18, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Get ripped and shredded with the summer shred.  Take a look at our week 6 diet and training advice

Week 6 of the summer shred is here and the end is now firmly in our sights. With just 3 full weeks of training and dieting left, it's time to go hard, focus and stay committed.   These next 3 weeks will be the make or break of your shred but if you've made it this far, there is no reason why you cant finish on a high, ripped and shredded!

This week, you need to workout with a determined and winning mentality. Step everything up and make each and every session count.  Pay attention to the small things and the progress will come. Don't rush through your reps!  Pay attention to your form and make sure that you are completing full controlled reps. Optimising each and every rep, will help you achieve better results from your sessions and your shred will come quicker than ever! Also, as an exercise goal for this week, try dominating that chin up bar... Big exercises mean big gains and big fat burn!  A chin up gives you the chance to work your back, arms and core all in one go and an exercise like a hanging windscreen wiper will give your obliques a mighty workout.  Add 10 hanging windscreen wipers to your routine and let us know how you get on across social using #BBWShred. Be warned, this summer shred exercise looks harder than it is (Sadly its still pretty tough) and if you haven't tried it before, just click here for a demo.  Also, do as many pull ups as you can in one minute and let us know what you hit!  To give you an idea of where you rank, the average for men is 10 and the world record for the number of pull ups in one minute is 42!  The record was set by David Bourdon (USA) at the Pacific Health Club in New York on 22 March 2014.



One of the most important factors for your shred  is your ability to strip fat. There's no point in crafting these muscles if we can't see them!   When it comes to stripping fat, you need to fully understand the importance of your diet.  You can smash sessions, pack in cardio and yes these will help but if you want to achieve definition, keep your muscle size and strip fat at the same time then you need to be strict with your macros over the next 3 weeks.  Your food is your fuel and you need it to be working for you, rather than holding you back.  We've said it before and there is no getting around it.  Prep is key! If you do one thing today, it should be meal prep for the week. Take 5 minutes to calculate your macros and workout your meals or adapt the diet from last week to suit your goals, go shopping for ingredients and prep your food!   Getting a lean protein shake will make hitting your protein intake a lot easier. Protein is key on a shred but there are also a lot of other products that can make all the difference.  Take a look at the Ripped and Shredded Stack for everything you need to help speed up your cut over the next 3 weeks!

Goals For the Week

1. Get your meal prep done
2. Workout  4 times
3. Do 10 Hanging Windscreen Wipers in at least one session
4. Do the one minute pull up challenge and post your results on social using #BBWShred
5. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water


Good luck with the week ahead!

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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