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Which Body Type Are You?

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

Ever wondered what body type you are? In this article we can tell you...

So do you know your body type?

As we all know, everyone is an individual but if we look closely we can see similarities in the shapes some people have with their basic structural make up. Some are top heavy, big shoulders small waist, some have narrow shoulders big waist, some are just straight up, some tall, some short some just fit in, there is actually a grouping for three main body types that are out there, although most people will fall into a mixture of two.

I will describe the types of body type, only read further if you are willing to agree BODY TYPE IS NOT AN EXCUSE :)

Endomorph – This is someone we can describe as ‘round & soft’ sometimes the look of a typical endomorph will have the bulk of their weight gathered around the midsection. Usually they will present shorter arms and legs than most people with a higher waist line than most.

Endomorphs usually have fine hair and their heads usually resemble a spherical shape.

Some celebrities we can see that are endomorphs are Oprah Winfrey,  Jack Black, John Goodman.

Ectomorphs – The total opposite of the round soft, ectomorph’s have a lot more delicate body type, small joints, light bones and lower muscle mass, usually the limbs of ectomorphs are long and with this comes some postural issues with droopy shoulders and spinal curves that can create medical issues. A lot of the time ectomorphs will have to work really hard to make the most of the muscle mass they have to develop strength. Ectomorphs are the typical ‘hard gainers’

Usually ectomorphs will have ‘pointy’ faces, longer digits and even their skin seems to be more reactive to the sun allowing easy burning of the skin.

Some celebrities that are ectomorphs are Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Cameron Diaz.

Mesomorphs – This would be the body type that most would see as the natural ‘athletic’ physique, well defined muscle mass, large bones,  wide shoulders, narrow waist. Prominent jaw lines and cheek bones we could even say their muscles are so developed they have prominent finger muscles!

Mesomorphs will usually react well to the sun, tanning well rather than burning.

Some celebrities that are obvious mesomorphs are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Halle Berry.

Body Type80x15

Now although we see there are three prominent body types most people will fall between two of the main three and will have to adapt their training to facilitate. I will aim to get some blog entries up in the coming weeks in order to let you guys know how I would look at tweaking training programmes in order to make the most of your body type to get to your goals.

Speak soon!


By Ollie Matthews

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