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Thank you for choosing Bodybuilding Warehouse for your supplements, we truly appreciate your custom and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us here on site.

Bodybuilding Warehouse was founded in late 2008 with a handful of products and an internet connection. From humble beginnings we are now one of the UK's largest supplement retailers, with our own state of the art factory and 21,048sqft warehouse here in sunny Manchester! We owe all of this to our customers. We pride ourselves on customer service in more ways than one - we believe customer service is about more than sending out orders, it's about building a relationship so we learn how to better serve your needs, and you know who you're doing business with. We love getting to know our customers, and in case you're interested in getting to know a bit more about us, we thought it'd be useful to set out both our Principles and our Promise below.

Our Principles

A good company, like a good person, is guided by their principles. Things they will and won’t do, targets they aim to live up to, and values they hold dear to their heart.

At Bodybuilding Warehouse, we have the following Principles:

  1. You are buying from people, not a company.

    When you call up to talk to us on the phone, you will often be talking to one of our customer service agents who actually gives you their own name and will help you pick your order, or resolve any issue. We employ nice people who love helping our customers get the best from their supplements, and the best from us as a company. Many of our staff have been with the company since the start – some have even seen it grow from a house to a huge warehouse! We are NOT a faceless organisation, we LOVE getting to know our customers and we love it more when we know you’re enjoying, and getting great results from, our supplements!

  2. We enjoy using supplements, and we want you to enjoy using them too.

    We buy supplements because they help us get the right macro’s in day to day – this is true. We do buy a protein powder because it helps us get extra protein in, more easily than eating endless chicken breasts, but… there’s also something FUN about picking a new pre-workout, a cool new intra-workout, or a great mass gainer! Whether it’s a new Whey Protein flavour, or a brand new ingredient on the market, we find supplements FUN and we want you to find them fun too. This is part and parcel of the fitness lifestyle and whilst it may sound silly to say it, we want you to enjoy your supplements as well as get great results from them.

  3. We make the best supplements in the World

    Everyone has their own idea about flavour – as much as you wouldn’t think so, flavour is to some extent, a personal matter. One man might like Vanilla best of all, whilst another loves Chocolate. However… Whilst flavour may be individual, we aim to do one thing. Make the best quality supplements in the world, and make sure we’re ahead of the curve on innovation and research. We have one of the very best sports nutrition factories in Europe right here in our own warehouse. We manufacturer in a state-of-the-art facility, employ trained and respected formulators, deal with only the most recognised and respected ingredients suppliers, and have strict quality control standards to ensure we produce the very BEST supplements in the World.

  4. We want to be here for life, not a single order

    A lot of companies will sell at a low price, take your money and run. They won’t answer phones, respond to emails in a timely fashion, or even Tweet back when it gets to the stage of an angry message. We pride ourselves on customer service. Let us say that again… We PRIDE ourselves on customer service. We want to offer you the best service in the world and nothing makes us happier than making sure you’re happy with your order.

  5. We LOVE talking to our customers!

    Give us an idea! We have one of the best factories in Europe right here inside our 21,048sqft Warehouse! We’d love to hear your ideas, we’d love to hear your feedback, and we just LOVE hearing from our customers!  We were the first company in the UK to really get on Facebook and now we’re available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ and yes… we have staff checking these pages out every day to see what you’ve sent us. We love hearing new ideas for products (we may even make it!), feedback on our products and service, and just generally talking shop about training, nutrition and life. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Promise

When you buy from an online retailer, you’re putting faith in that store to deliver you just what you asked for, just when you expected it.

However, our company is not just a retailer. BBW is the UK’s only bulk and branded supplement supplier. We sell everything from the best value high-quality whey protein concentrate, to the latest US pre-workout supplements. You will find them all here under one roof, shipped with fast, convenient delivery.

So what do we promise?

  1. We promise exceptional quality on all your Bodybuilding Warehouse brand supplements.

    We passionately believe in our products and we are regular users of them too!

    We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in the Warehouse. It was a very significant investment and something very few other companies have. Something no other UK branded supplement retailer has! The company's investment in manufacturing has allowed us to do several things.

    We have complete control over quality, so we only provide the very best supplements at the very best prices. Secondly it enables us to bring new products to the market faster than anyone else! We love making new products and with our leading edge facility, we can go from product concept to finished product in as little as a day. Our facility is efficient a very productive.

  2. We promise fast, reliable delivery on your orders.

    We select our courier partners very carefully. We monitor their performance. We very rarely get any delivery issues but if they do occur, we promise to fix the problem straight away. We take pride in our customer service, and this is reflected in our exceptionally high Trustpilot Score. The customer really is King at Bodybuilding Warehouse!

  3. We will be first with new ground-breaking ingredients and products.

    When the company started trading in 2008, we were proud of being the first company in the UK to stock many of the new American supplements. Other stores just did not sell them. Today, we still like to do that. We also think we can do a better job than the big brands.

    We want to bring you the best ground-breaking new ingredients that new research unearths. If we’re allowed to sell it, and there’s good science behind it, we will seek it out and offer it to you. Supplement science is not static and neither should your supplement use. When we find the latest, greatest, cutting edge new ingredients, backed by hard science, we will buy them, You will find them here first, and they will be of exceptional quality.

  4. We promise to offer you the best value in the UK

    We promise to offer the best overall value in the UK. This does not mean we’ll always be the cheapest. We will never sacrifice the quality of our products or the quality of our service! We don’t want to send your parcel via a courier who takes 5 days to deliver your parcel. We want you to get your order quickly, and in good condition. We will never use an 0845 number that charges you, the customer, a lot of money, especially when called from a mobile phone. BBW is proud to be a HIGH QUALITY company in every business respect – from the products, to shipping, to service.

    We promise to:

    • always have a local number

    • always use a fast courier service

    • always have friendly helpful people to answer the phone and answering emails.

    We know price is important though, and whilst we’d never sacrifice quality or service, we will always strive to offer you the best overall value on your basket of goods.

  5. We promise to care about you and your needs

    Too many companies just move boxes. They get an order in, and post it out.

    We LOVE talking to our customers. You’re the boss, and we love to hear your feedback! If you have a great product idea, why not tell us? We’re available via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and more!

    We LOVE to hear from our customers and if there’s a way you think we could improve our service, or a product (or flavour) you would love to see, please tell us, because we’re here to serve you, and we take that role very seriously!

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