Fat Burners UK: Do They Really Work?

Fat Burners UK: Do They Really Work?

Fat burners UK versions tend to be under-powered today. The reason behind this is strict rules and regulation to what ingredients can be used. Supplements are getting banned on a near monthly basis. Companies are working hard to find alternative and safer ingredients to use but the market doesn’t have the big hitters it once had, such as ephedrine.

What exactly happened?

In 2004, the FDA created a ban on ephedrine marketed for reasons other than asthma, colds, allergies, other disease, or traditional Asian use. A few years went by of fighting the case that in moderate dosages, ephedrine wasn’t dangerous. It wasn’t until 2006 ephedrine become banned and a lot harder to get hold of over the counter. Canada led the way with their restrictions in 2002 and the UK later joined by making it illegal to sell over the counter, as a fat burner.


DNP has caused deaths in the UK, as much as 5 in the last 3 years. DNP is not a drug to be messed with, it’s a lot more potent than ephedrine and claims it can increase metabolism by up to 30%. This would cause a surge in body temperature and if you overdose, it may be fatal. DNP was banned in 1938 due to severe side effects, over 77 years ago!

In 2002 a well-known supplement “guru” was selling DNP online as a fat loss pill. This resulted in a death. The investigation went on and found two people accountable for mis-leading people to thinking that this fat loss pill was safe. DNP is not illegal in the UK but it’s one of the most dangerous drugs out there, it’s for industrial purposes, not for human consumption.

2015 and beyond

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As you can see, the supplement industry in general can be a dangerous place if you do order from shady websites/companies. It’s a shame that some safe and effective ingredients are banned due to overdosing on them and far exceeding recommended dosages. Are there any fat burners on the market today that actually work?

Luckily for you guys, at Bodybuilding Warehouse we always go the extra step. We ensure that all products we sell are of the highest quality and we will try and educate you all on what each ingredient does and how it can benefit you. So what is the perfect fat burning supplement? What does it need?

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Mood enhancing

Dieting is never easy. Being in a caloric deficit takes its toll on the mind and body. Dieting tends to break people down until they break and consume junk food. They immediately regret the decision but the feel-good factor of junk food is too hard to resist. This is why a fat burner needs to give you a feel good factor. Feeling good whilst dieting can help you overcome the cravings and help you push through to that well-earned cheat meal.

It gets better:

5-HTP is an amino acid that does exactly what we want. It helps increase serotonin a brain chemical which regulates our sleep, raises our pain threshold, and elevates our mood. 5-HTP is safe, legal and effective.

Increase Energy

A fat burner needs to give you energy. A caloric deficit will make you hungry, moody and lethargic. It’s important to choose a fat burner that can give you a clean and sustained release of energy. Caffeine is the go to ingredient here. It’s safe, consumed world-wide and also has fat burning benefits. Caffeine Anhydrous is a popular form of caffeine used in fat loss supplements and can help you stay alert, energised and boost fat burning. When combined with green tea extract the results are amplified. An easy go to choice here is a green-tea and caffeine combo. A green tea-caffeine mixture improves weight maintenance, through thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and sparing fat free mass. Perfect!


This may come as a surprise on the list but enhancing absorption can have dramatic results. You can mix all the best ingredients available but if the bio-availability is poor they won’t produce their desired effects. A fat burning supplements needs enhanced absorption and the perfect ingredient for that is Piper Nigrum. It’s a bio-availability catalyst and increases the availability of other ingredients. This makes the supplement it’s being used in more effective.

The perfect fat burner

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Fat burners don’t have to be complicated to work but having the above 3 ingredients will make it a more effective product. Not to mention the ingredients are safe and proven to work. Luckily, there is a supplement on the market that contains the above, and more! Warrior Blaze Reborn contains the above 3 and many other ingredients backed by science. It comes at a great price of £29.99 for 90 servings. This means you can have a whole months’ worth of optimal fat burning and mood enhancing for just 0.33p per serving!

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You can check out the entire warrior range here. It contains fat burners for both males and females. Check out what our customers are saying in the review section.

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Posted 02 May 2023