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What does post workout mean?

Post workout is the time window after you have just completed a training session. Post workout is a great time to use your post workout supplements, whether that be creatine, protein powders or more. You may use different supplements post workout compared to those that you would use pre-workout. For example you wouldn't take a pre-workout supplement after you have finished a workout. 

How to recover post workout

Alongside resting, there are many post workout recovery supplements that can be used to enhance the recovery process. Post workout shakes and post workout smoothies that are packed with protein are a great way to repair muscle after breaking them down in the gym. It is important to give your body time to recover before going back straight back into intense exercise and post workout supplements can help speed this process up.

Best supplements for muscle recovery

At BW you can find all the best muscle recovery supplements. BCAA and EAA supplements can be great for reducing post workout muscle soreness and they are a delicious way of doing so. Essential fatty acid supplements could also be added to your post workout supplement stack as they are great for your overall recovery and most people do not get enough of these fatty acids through their regular diet. Whey protein supplements are perfect for making a post workout drink that is high in protein and it can even be mixed with fruit to make a post workout smoothie which is full of vitamins to help assist with the recovery process. 

Are post workout supplements worth it?

Post workout supplements are just as important as your pre-workout supplements. It is important to know how to recover post workout and by having an understanding of supplements you can enhance your recovery to set you up to smash your next training session.