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What is the purpose of meal replacement shake? 

A meal replacement shake is perfect for when you don't have time to make an actual meal. If you are trying to keep your calorie intake high, meal replacement drinks can be an efficient way of keeping you in a calorie surplus. If you are working in an office job, meal replacement shakes can bean effective tool to add to your diet to ensure you can still hit your calorie and macronutrient goals. 

Are meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?

When thinking about weight loss you want to try and consume foods that will keep you full while keeping the calories low. Meal replacement shakes that are low in calories can help assist with weight loss however you should still aim to eat whole foods so you feel full and satified throughout the day. Meal repalcement shakes are a great way to hit yur macronutrient goals for the day without having to overthink your portion sizes, making them a useful tool for dieting and weight loss. 

Do meal replacement shakes actually work?

Meal replacement shakes can be a useful tool when trying to lose weight. They work because they act like any other low calorie food source and as we know the amount of calories that we are consuming per day is the key to weight loss. Meal replacement shakes do not only have to be used for weight loss though as they can be a great addition to a diet if you want to gain weight as they are an easy way to increase your caloric intake if you have them with your regular meals. 

Benefits of meal replacement shakes:

Meal replacement shakes are a convenient way of hitting your calorie and macronutrient goal without having to prepare all your meals. Meal replacement shakes are also usally high in fiber which helps to keep your digestive system healthy. Research has also found that people who have used meal replacement shakes found them to help with weight loss. Meal replacement shakes can also be a good backup option to food making them a good healthy option to fall back on if you have no food to preapre.

Can meal replacement shakes help gain weight?

Meal replacement shakes can be beneficial if you are looking to gain weight as they can be used differently to when you are aiming for weight loss. When trying to gain weight you need to be eating in a calorie surplus and therefore you will need to be eating more. Meal replacement shakes are a great way of increasing your daily calories without the extra meal prep. Use the shakes in between your meals and you will see that your daily caloric intake will increase.