Workout Supplements for Teenagers

Most bodybuilders start working out in their teens. Using the gym as a teenager is a safe, fun and effective way - Read More


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What supplements should a teenage athlete take? 

There are many supplements that are perfect for teenage athletes when it comes to muscle growth, improving general health and more. All the best weight gain supplements for teenage athletes can be found at BW, Performance Mass and Premium Mass from BW are great options for teenagers looking to build muscle. Until you are 18 or over it is recommended that you avoid using pre workout supplements and stick to safe supplements for teenage athletes. Creatine is massively popular when choosing teenage bodybuilding supplements. Creatine has been widely researched and it has not only shown to be a safe supplement for teenagers but it also comes with strength and muscle growth benefits. Protein bars are another safe supplement for teenage athletes and they are a delicious and easy way of increasing your daily protein intake.

Can teenagers use protein powder?

Protein powders are safe for teenagers to use as they are a food product and they can be a great way of increasing your protein intake, if you are not already getting enough through your diet. Protein shakes are also a convenient way for teenagers to increase their protein intake as they can be taken to school, college or university. Protein powders and weight gainer shakes are argueably the best muscle building supplements for teenagers.  

Best muscle building supplement for teenagers

At BW we have created a guide for how to gain muscle as a teenager. In this blog you will find out what supplements are the best for teenage muscle growth, how much protein you should be eating and more. When trying to build muscle you should be eating in a calorie surplus and weight gain supplements are a great way of doing this as they are packed with protein and high in calories. By using these supplements alongside creatine you are likely to see progress in both strength and muscle gains.