All you need to know about Test Boosters

An Introduction

Natural test boosters do exactly as their name suggests, they stimulate the production of more testosterone within the body. It is very important that you understand natural test boosters are by no means steroidal because they support the production of testosterone by increasing the amount produced by the body, opposed to pumping in synthetic hormones into the body. That’s the key difference between a natural test booster and an anabolic steroid or pro-hormone.

Benefits of using a natural test booster

There are endless benefits to using a test booster for any bodybuilder or athlete looking to gain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, increase their strength as well as improve recovery time. Test boosters make you more anabolic by increasing your natural testosterone levels; therefore your ability to build new muscle tissue is instantly increased. To add to that, your strength will grow dramatically because of your increased testosterone levels. After you have trained you will notice that your recovery time is significantly less as your muscle tissue fibres are able to repair much faster due to the fact that the testosterone has increased your ability to assimilate more protein. Finally, an increase in natural testosterone levels will lead to increased fat loss simply because testosterone helps burn body fat effectively. There you have some very solid and exciting benefits to using a quality natural testosterone booster, but what ingredients should you be looking out for to ensure you do get all the benefits?

Best ingredients in a test booster

To begin with you have the ‘legendary’ Tribulus which is a natural plant extract used for years to stimulate the production testosterone. However there are also many more very good ingredients which you might want to look out for. For instance, horny goat weed is a sensational testosterone boosting ingredient which has shown significant gains in athletes. Furthermore, fenugreek extract is also a top ingredient when looking to increase your testosterone levels. Finally, long jack is also the perfect ingredient for the very same purposes. However for a natural test booster to be very effective it should also contain ingredients which suppress your estrogen levels. As your testosterone levels grow so do your estrogen levels meaning that you’re not necessarily anymore anabolic yet are more susceptible to estrogenic side effects. Therefore you should look for estrogen suppressing agents such as white button mushroom, I-3-C, reveratrol, ATD or 6-bromo. By having these ingredients as well your ‘free testosterone’ levels which is the gulf between your testosterone and estrogen levels will grow which determines just how anabolic you are.

More recently, some exciting scientific data has come out regarding the effectiveness of forskolin and D-Aspartic Acid at increasing natural testosterone levels by as much as 48%. Check out our article on D-Aspartic Acid for more information on this exciting ingredient.


There you have the top ingredients which you need to look out for when choosing a natural testosterone booster. If you choose wisely you will instantly see the benefits of using such a supplement and never look back. Natural test boosters are particularly useful for males over and around the ages of 28 because this is when your natural testosterone levels begin to drop off. Ramp up your natural testosterone levels and feel the difference!

Posted 25 Apr 2023