PeptoPro Benefits – A Case in Point

Did you know that drinking small amounts of protein during your workout can dramatically increase your muscle building DURING training and also after you leave the gym? This is what scientists from the University of Maastricht have shown in the American Journal of Physiology.

A sample of ten young males were put through whole body weightlifting sessions, and given a mixture to drink every 15 minutes. The ingredients in the drink varied. One time the athletes were given a mixture containing 150mg of sugar per kilo of their bodyweight. Half of this drink contained maltodextrin, the other: glucose sugars.

Another time, the ten subjects were given a mixture containing protein as well as the carbs they were given before. Roughly 150mg of PeptoPro per kg of their bodyweight was added into the drink with the carbs. The researchers found that both the protein and carbs worked amazingly well together, particularly as PeptoPro was providing 'hydrolysed proteins'. These are proteins that absorb MUCH faster than protein from standard whey powders.

What's so interesting about this particlar study is that the ten subjects were made to train late in the day after eating the majority of their daily meals. Each meal consisted of around 28% fats, 60% carbs and 14% protein. Usually in sport supplement studies like this one, researchers make their subjects train on an empty stomach and as a result, the findings aren't applicable to those people who don't train first thing in the morning or who only want to go to the gym once they've finished work.

The results of the study were impressive. The researchers found that supplementing with protein during a workout dramatically enhanced the synthesis of new muscle tissue and that in the groups taking both the carb mixture and PeptoPro, muscle production was 33% higher and muscle catabolism was 8% lower!

The scientists weren't actually sure at first how PeptoPro was inducing these benefits, after all, many people drink a protein shake before their workout, and their muscles do benefit once they've finished as they have more amino acids available to them during recovery. The thing is, with regular whey powders your muscles won't get these amino acids as fast as they should do. The amino acids in PeptoPro come in much shorter chains of around two to three amino acids per chain. Because they're much smaller they can enter your bloodstream with little to no digestion so it's definitely worth taking PeptoPro as scientists believe it enhances the growth stimulus you get from your workout.

 “Even in a fed state, protein co-ingestion prior to and during resistance type exercise improves whole-body protein balance and stimulates muscle protein synthesis during exercise',  the scientists conclude. “Protein co-ingestion prior to and during resistance type exercise might be advocated to further improve skeletal muscle reconditioning during resistance type exercise might be advocated to further improve skeletal muscle reconditioning during resistance-type exercise training.”

If you want to experiment with using normal protein powders during your workout you probably won't notice anything as it takes much longer for your stomach to digest them, using enzymes to break them down into smaller pieces that can enter the bloodstream, so this is why it's definitely worth using the pre-digested amino acids that PeptoPro has that can act faster to give you the results you deserve from your workout.


Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jul;295(1):E70-7.

Posted 25 Apr 2023