All you need to know about ZMA Supplements

Introduction to ZMA

ZMA otherwise known as Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate as well as Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B-6 is a scientifically designed natural mineral formula. Many studies conducted over the years on athletes have proven that this particular formula is in fact very anabolic and can therefore have a significant bearing on the anabolic activity within your body.

Benefits of using ZMA

There really are so many different benefits to using ZMA it is hard to know where to start. Staying on the topic of enhanced anabolism for the moment, ZMA has been proven to stimulate an increase in your natural testosterone levels. This is based on a daily supplementation of 450mg of magnesium and 30mg of zinc. This works so well because you’re natural levels of these vital minerals are more often than not depleted from the body meaning that you are unable to reap the many benefits. So what do elevated testosterone levels equal for you? Instantly you become more anabolic which results in increased muscle mass gains, strength gains and fat loss to top it all off. What’s more you are able to recover much faster and your joints in particular will recover faster. The best thing about this is that ZMA is able to enhance your ‘free testosterone’ levels which are what matters. This means that it doesn’t cause any type of aromatization whatsoever which could lead to increased estrogen levels as well as testosterone levels, but instead only your testosterone levels increase. Great! Another huge benefit of using ZMA is that you are able to enjoy a much better night’s sleep. Improving your quality of sleep opens up many new doors for any athlete to make some significant gains. First of all, when you sleep your testosterone and human growth hormone levels are at their peak, therefore the better you sleep the more time you will benefit from very high concentrations of these two extremely anabolic hormones within your system. This of course leads to great gains in muscle growth as well as muscle recovery. To add to this, due to the high levels of human growth hormone excreted your body fat levels will decrease because this hormone alters the way your body metabolizes dietary fats and stored body fat, allowing them to be used as a primary energy source instead. Therefore by using ZMA around an hour before bed time, your significantly improved sleeping pattern means you can enjoy much improved rates of muscle growth, muscle recovery and additional fat loss.

The best time to use ZMA

There are various times to use ZMA, however perhaps the most effective times to use this wonderful supplement is first thing in the morning and straight before bed. The logic behind before bedtime has been explained, but why in the morning? Well, at this point your body is catabolic therefore by using ZMA your anabolic hormones will increase straight away, meaning that for the entire day you will be able to assimilate more macronutrients to your benefit leading to increased lean muscle gain, recovery as well as fat loss. Simple!


With superb supplements such as ZMA on the market it is no wonder that athletes are enjoying some great new gains today. ZMA really is a must for any serious athlete who wants to maintain an anabolic environment within.

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Posted 25 Apr 2023